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Highway Work Zone Safety

Site-Safe is premier distributor of highway safety products including crash cushions, truck mounted attenuators, and barrier from Trinity Highway Products & Energy Absorption. Work Zone safety products include iCone ITS work zone monitoring and PSS RoadQuake temporary rumble strips. Site-Safe also provides plastic water-filled barrier and channelizing barricade from YoDock .

For info about crash cushion, TMA truck, and YoDock rental packages, click here.

Crash Cushion Attenuators

Crash cushion systems feature benefits including installation advantages, self-restoring options, width variations, small installation footprint, and multiple available transitions.

  • TRACC: TRACC™ (Trinity Industries Attenuating Crash Cushions) is a complete line of redirective, non-gating crash cushions including the SHORTTRACC (14' 3"), TRACC (21' 3"), FASTTRACC (26'), and WIDETRACC (variable widths and lengths). TRACC crash cushions provide all-steel construction and come fully assembled with efficient anchor bolting for installation on new or existing surfaces.

    Trinity Industries Attenuating Crash Cushions
  • Quadguard: Quadguard® is a versatile line of crash cushions providing a wide range of crash level ratings, available transitions, and practical features. Quadguard II is a low maintenance severe duty crash cushion system providing NCHRP 350 TL-2 and TL-3 protection with the cost efficiency of a small footprint. Quadguard II is also available in Wide applications, designed with the flare beginning at the nose and providing multiple transitions.

    Quadguard Crash Cushions

  • Quadguard Elite: Quadguard Elite provides NCHRP 350 TL-2 and TL-3 protection and includes reusable HDPE cylinders to allow for multiple impacts. Quadguard Elite is available for use with a CZ plate to reduce anchors in temporary applications. Quadguard Elite are available in Wide applications, designed with the flare beginning at the nose and providing multiple transitions.

    Quadguard Elite Crash Cushions

  • REACT: REACT 350® crash cushions provide NCHRP TL-2 and TL-3 compliance options and are available in narrow and wide design. REACT 350 is a self-restoring, low maintenance system featuring Smart Plastic reusable HMW/HDPE cylinders to allow for multiple impacts. Available in 36", 69", 96" and 120".

    REACT 350 Crash Cushions

  • REACT II: REACT II 350® crash cushions provide NCHRP TL-3 compliance with only six Smart Plastic reusable HMW/HDPE cylinders for shorter length applications. REACT II 350 is a self-restoring, low maintenance system to allow for multiple impacts.

    REACT II 350 Crash Cushions

  • HEART: HEART™ (Hybrid Energy Absorbing Reusable Terminal) crash cushions provide NCHRP TL-2 and TL-3 compliance options. HEART units arrive fully assembled and can be installed on new and existing pads. HEART features an open design to facilitate easy installation, inspection and repair. HEART features reusable HDPE side panels to reduce life cycle costs and minimize maintenance.

    HEART Crash Cushions

Truck Mounted Attenuators

TMA truck mounted attenuators and trailer attenuators are designed for use as shadow vehicles and can be sold and rented separately or as an all-in-one package.
For information about TMA Trucks for Sale, visit Site-Safe Truck Sales.

  • MPS-350: Trinity Industries' MPS-350 TMA is NCHRP 350 TL-3 compliant and comes assembled. MPS-350 provides all-steel construction, easy maintenance and inspections, and features an open design to reduce wind drag.

    MPS-350 Truck Mounted Attenuator

  • Vorteq: Energy Absorptions' Vorteq Trailer TMA provides a galvanized steel design and allows for easy inspection and maintenance. Vorteq provides single point connection to host vehicles and built-in anti-rotational design.

    Vorteq Trailer Mounted Attenuator
  • Safe Stop: Energy Absorptions' Safe Stop TMA series is NHCRP 350 TL-3 compliant and provides both trailer and truck mounted attenuator products. Safe Stop series attenuators provide replaceable energy absorbing cartridges and a collapsible frame that is often reusable after impact.

    Safe Stop TMA Attenuators

Barrier and Work Zone Safety Products

Work zone barrier and safety products include ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) automated traffic monitoring technology, steel and water filled barrier systems, and work zone rumble strips. Work zone traffic monitoring via ITS technology provides automated alerts, message board updates, and real-time online access. Steel barrier provides portable and lightweight work zone safety for bridges and other applications. Rumble Strips alert drivers to work zone areas with sound and vibration.
For information about Plastic Water Filled Barrier visit our Channelizing page.

  • iCone: ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) enable traffic managers and engineers to monitor the effectiveness of traffic control plans and make informed modifications. iCone reports traffic patterns, speeds, and real-time data via online access with text and email alerts to improve maintenance, traffic plans, construction staging, detour management.

    ITS Work Zone Traffic Monitoring

  • Vulcan: Vulcan Portable Barrier is NCHRP 350 TL-3 and TL-4 compliant, connects to most Type 6B-T and 6C-T impact attenuators and provides available bi-directional transitions. Vulcan Moveable Barrier utilizes the Vulcan Transfer Attachment (VTA) with standard skid steer or front end loader. Vulcan movable barrier can move 1-lane width, 1-lane mile in 30 minutes or less.

    Vulcan Steel Barrier

  • PSS RoadQuake Rumble Strips: RoadQuake products are easy to transport, quick to install, and feature a non-slip textured surface, making them ideal for temporary work zones. RoadQuake 2 RumbleStrips are for speed limits up to 75 mph and temperatures from 0° to 180° F. RoadQuake RumbleStrips are for speed limits up to 60 mph and temperatures above 40° F.

    RoadQuake Portable Rumble Strips